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'Civilization is a movement and not a condition, a voyage and not a harbour.'  Arnold Toynbee (1889 - 1975)

Comprehensive Dialogue
among Civilizations

CDAC is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. Its seat is located in Geneva and the organisation also has offices in Amsterdam and Moscow.

The aims of CDAC are: To encourage a multi-cultural and inter-religious dialogue as well as political and diplomatic dialogue and mutual learning; and to contribute to mutual understanding, tolerance, respect for diversity as well as solidarity between countries, regions, and population groups, with the ultimate goal of promoting a peaceful global society and assisting the United Nations in its efforts to achieve the aims set out in its Charter.

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UN declaration on DaC

The Israeli-Palestine Conflict
The Hague, December 6 2004, International Forum for Justice and Peace in the Middle East
Speech by Dr. Vladimir Petrovsky

A European-Arab Dialogue
Towards a Participatory Society
The Hague, 23-24 January, 2004
Speech by
Ambassador Dr. Nihad Fahmy,
co-founder member and
former Secretary General
Comprehensive Dialogue among Civilizations(CDAC)

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  Etchings by Rembrandt:
'Reflections of the Golden Age of the Netherlands'
The statement of H.E. Ambassador Dr. Vladimir F. Petrovsky at the opening of the exhibition.

Robert Heitz Gallery, Musée Palais Rohan, Strasbourg, 21st November 2003